CrossFit Flagstaff – My Stomping Grounds

I learned about high intensity workouts at CrossFit Flagstaff (CFF) in Flagstaff, AZ where I’ve been a member since 2010. The Gym is tucked away in a business park in the center of town. It was started in a garage by Mike and Lisa Ray and has grown over the years to a sizable membership. They offer a complete CrossFit experience with excellent trainers and top quality equipment.

Their website is and my idea for fixing bumper plate bushings can be seen their equipment page along with some other great suggestions for homemade garage gym gear.

The Rays have been very open to trying out new ideas in the gym. In fact, Lisa has traveled the world to gather good ideas to bring back to CFF. For instance, we recently went through a series of workouts adopted from a gym in Singapore involving a lot of intense prowler pushes, deadlifts and box squats (I attribute my 30lb increase in max deadlift to this training).

I’m fortunate to feel I have the freedom to experiment in their gym. It’s a perfect place for me to test out my ideas.