Don’t throw out your damaged bumper plates!

Heavy use from high intensity workouts can wear out the bushing in the center of rubber weightlifting bumper plates. The weights are often dropped from overhead, which over time, loosens the bushings making them troublesome and frustrating to use. A bumper plate repair kit is just what you need to bring your weights back to life (and save you money by delaying replacement). See How to Install the Bumper Plate Repair Kit. See also Illustrated Instructions.

Now it’s time to fix your blown-out bumper plates! Order repair kits below.



Repair 1 bumper with a single kit. Included in the kit are 2 aluminum plates, 1 hardware set and 2 Loctite capsules. $23.99 plus shipping gets you started.

Go ahead, buy a repair kit!


Tool up with a 6-pack of repair kits – A good idea for any busy box. Included are 6 pairs of aluminum plates, 6 hardware sets and 10ml of Loctite. Get 6 bumpers back into circulation for $120.00 plus shipping.

Go ahead, buy a 6-pack!


What’s better than a 6-pack? A double 6-pack! This is the best value for a box with ongoing bumper plate breakdowns. Included are 12 pairs of aluminum plates, 12 hardware sets and 10ml Loctite. 12 repair kits for $220.08 Free USA Domestic Shipping on Double 6-Packs!

Go ahead, buy a 12-pack!