Bumper plates may be the most battered gym equipment. They take the brunt of every barbell workout and cushion thousands of blows when they land on the floor. Just because they are made of rubber doesn’t mean they are bombproof. In a heavy use gym environment the metal insert on some bumper plate designs becomes […] Read more

Out of all the things that can go wrong in the gym, a chalk disaster can be most annoying. Has this ever happened to you? You’re at the gym minding your own business and because you don’t see it, you accidentally kick over a chalk bucket sending it tumbling. The chalk goes all over the […] Read more

How to Repair Bumper Plates Mechanically Update: The WodHardware bumper plate repair kit product has been discontinued. For an alternative solution to loose inserts, try the gluing method along with adopting a “no ghost riding” policy. Click here for detailed gluing instructions. For the DIY mechanical approach, the original repair kit design and installation instructions […] Read more

Bumper plate repair kits are now available here! After many months of continuous use, the latest repair kit design is outperforming my expectations. The kit components are holding up well in the gym, in fact they are outliving the bumper plates on which they’ve been installed. Several of the prototypes have been reused a second […] Read more

The Bumper Plate Repair Kit will soon be available! Most of the components for a pilot run of 100 kits have arrived at my shop and are ready to pack and ship. I hired a machine shop to make the repair plates and as soon as I get them they will be available for purchase. […] Read more

In March 2012 I noticed Lisa’s frustration with the damage done in workouts to the center bushings in the rubber bumper plates. I thought I could fix the problem so I made some aluminum plates to sandwich the bushing from each side, essentially becoming a new bushing to slide on the bar. She posted pictures […] Read more

Thanks for visiting WodHardware.com and thank you for your interest in the bumper plate repair kit. I am currently building a shop and tooling up for an initial production run for beta testing. In the meantime feel free to contact me here. Stay tuned and I’ll keep you posted. Don’t throw out your damaged bumper […] Read more

Thanks to Lifeworx Fitness for ordering a sample bumper plate repair kit! This is the first prototype to leave Flagstaff and the first step toward proving this thing to be a useful product. Thank you for being a guinea pig […] Read more

The rubber bumper plates at CFF are starting to have some problems with the metal bushings that slide onto the barbell ends. High intensity and heavy use in the gym is taking its toll on them. The weights are frequently dropped from overhead, which in time, loosens up the center bushing on the plate and […] Read more

Welcome to WodHardware.com, where I share ideas that I have at the gym about the gear and equipment that I use, the problems that I experience, and the solutions that I come up with. Since I started doing the CrossFit workouts, I have been amazed by the minimal amount of gear required to get the […] Read more